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Vacant house management service

Are you leaving your house vacant?


If a vacant house is left unattended, there are various risks such as collapse, bad odor, and deterioration of the landscape, which may cause trouble to the local community.

In addition, according to the “Special Measures Act on Promotion of Measures against Vacant Houses,” which came into effect in December 2023,If you receive guidance from the municipality where the vacant house is located, regarding it as a ``poorly managed vacant house'' or ``specified vacant house,'' and receive a recommendation without following the instructions, you may not be able to receive reduction measures such as fixed asset taxes (special exceptions for residential land).

*Until now, the tax was reduced to a maximum of one-sixth for residential land.Fixed asset taxReturn to the original tax rate and increase the amount to 6 times the previous rate! !

Before this happens, please use our vacant house management service.

What is our vacant house management service?

Our experienced staff will inspect and manage vacant homes on your behalf.

Each service will take approximately 30 to 90 minutes, and the results will be sent to you via email along with a report with photos.

Does cleaning an empty house take a surprisingly long time and ruin your long-awaited vacation?

By using our services, you can spend your time effectively.

person wearing work clothes

If you find out that your home is vacant, the risk of crimes such as trespassing increases.

By managing it regularly, you can create an impression that people are present and reduce the risk.

Weed photo.JPG

If the plants grow beyond the border, it may cause problems with the neighbors.

Maintaining the neighborhood's landscape also helps prevent crime.

plan contents

Price list (reference)

Unit: Yen (excluding tax)

HP Excel (fees).jpg

*You can freely combine Light Plan once a year + Premium Plan once a year, etc.

*We will tell you the exact price at the time of consultation.


Provide ventilation and ventilation to prevent moisture and mold growth.

■Simple cleaning

Performs simple mopping and sweeping of the inside of the building.

■Exterior/interior confirmation

Visually check for indoor and outdoor abnormalities (damage, cracks, etc.).

■Planting confirmation

Visually check to see if the border has crossed into neighboring land, and check whether pruning or disinfection is necessary.

■Water flow

All water is passed through, suppressing the occurrence of bad odors and preventing water pipes from rusting.

■ Mail collection

​We collect and sort the mail that has arrived in the mailbox, and then mail it to the designated location.

*Target area: 23 wards of Tokyo (excluding remote islands)

*This service conducts regular inspections of the above-mentioned properties, and does not provide general building management.

Contract flow

​If you would like more information​ 
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Please feel free to ask
Please contact us.

Customer feedback

I have time for myself! (Mr. A, Bunkyo Ward)

My long-awaited vacation ended up being spent cleaning my parents' house, but after using this service, I now have more time for myself.

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